Enforcement for Roadside Camping Labor Day Weekend

This is the report of the BSBO (Big Sur Byways Organization) Roadside Camping committee and comes from the agenda packet for the open & public Tuesday mtg

From Marcos Ortega [CA State Parks]

Butch, Sarah and I plan on meeting with all the law enforcement agencies in Big Sur over the holiday weekend. CHP, MOCO SO, DFW Wardens, USFS and State Park Rangers will convene at the MAF conference room at 7pm this Saturday to discuss with us Roadside Camping. Butch will be presenting to the group the data that CABS has compiled and some of the targeted hot spots for all the agencies to evaluate. If there are any specific issues or question that we want presented to the allied agencies, please let me know and I can bring them up. After our discussion, the LE group will break down an operational enforcement plan for the night and head out to deal with illegal camping, fires, litter and any other issues seen from Rio Road, all the way down to the south coast. With the closure of all USFS lands and a holiday weekend, we expect for there to be a spillover effect to which we can report on at the next meeting. I am still working on getting a media piece to advertise this enforcement task force out before the weekend