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  1. Hi Kate, I believe the article comes from 1980. Leon Panetta was first elected to Congress in 1976. He, Senator Cranston and others introduced the bill to Federalize Big Sur. Panetta, to his credit, listened to his constituents in Big Sur and backed off of Federalizing. He strongly supported those constituents and worked with them to create a body that would be responsive to their efforts to preserve and protect Big Sur What we got instead of Federalism was the Big Sur Multi Agency Advisory Council and the Big Sur Land Use Plan. To this day those are what continues to be our tools to keep Big Sur protected.

  2. We showed them! The Big Sur community has expressed its independent character by erasing the rural character of Big Sur without federal help. It is taking some time, but we will ultimately succeed.

  3. You are correct. It is from 1980 during the attempt to federalize Big Sur. Under 17 Pacific Valley Nuclear Power Plant there is “1980 Bill Bates”.

  4. Yes that’s right … and both the County and the Coastal Commission signed on along with the Big Sur community by adopting and certifying our Big Sur LUP to always protect Big Sur!

  5. I cannot , sadly, although there should be a more legible copy on the gazette archives….link in the links to the right. My eyesight is deteriorating and I am having surgery tomorrow, so hopefully in a few weeks I can tell when something is legible or not and work on that.

  6. Upper left hand corner the writer states … “I am now convinced that the attempts of the Wilderness Society to Federalize this area (Big Sur) are based more on the development of recreational facilities than they are based on the need to preserve it.” -from the Director of a large Federal Agency on July 27, 1980. Name withheld by request.

  7. good luck with the eye surgery…mine made a big difference and the world became clear again!

  8. It had to be later than 1960… at that time it was 17 Mile Drive, not 117. To make it legible, I copied and pasted it into a word document and was able to print it so you can read it, in case anyone is interested in doing so. I used to work as a waitress in the Dining Room at the Lodge. Every day I had to have someone tell me what was being served, I didn’t speak or read French!! Great food!

  9. I scrolled through all the 1980 archives of The Gazette and didn’t see this particular cartoon. There was usually a Bates cartoon in every issue. I wonder if it was a special center section pull out poster?

  10. Hawk Watcher I believe you be wrong … not really the residents at all, more like the Coastal Commission, the County, the Realtors, the Investors and the Developers, just to mention the few!

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