In corridors or waiting rooms of a VA hospital … can be a long wait filled with concern.

Two weeks ow waiting for eye surgery in one eye and shots in the other. Now, it will be two weeks of waiting in my recovery. The blog will not be a priority during this time. I have been having difficulty for a while now, and thus the typos. You may have to point them out to me.

I am going to learn to water color, (Abstracts anyone?) because…why not?

Take more photographs and look for the simple, easy, composition shots, like above.

Lady as my guide dog in training, so she can go everywhere with me!

And I will learn to appreciate audio books, even with my hearing problems.

I will stay positive that I will be able to get through that stack of books next to my bed, eventually, but tol start, I ordered the one I was reading before in an audio book.