In corridors or waiting rooms of a VA hospital … can be a long wait filled with concern.

Two weeks ow waiting for eye surgery in one eye and shots in the other. Now, it will be two weeks of waiting in my recovery. The blog will not be a priority during this time. I have been having difficulty for a while now, and thus the typos. You may have to point them out to me.

I am going to learn to water color, (Abstracts anyone?) because…why not?

Take more photographs and look for the simple, easy, composition shots, like above.

Lady as my guide dog in training, so she can go everywhere with me!

And I will learn to appreciate audio books, even with my hearing problems.

I will stay positive that I will be able to get through that stack of books next to my bed, eventually, but tol start, I ordered the one I was reading before in an audio book.

32 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Take care Kate, and a well deserved rest to gain sight and sound (predicted rain this week) fingers crossed!

  2. I was amazed at how well I could see after the eye surgery! It was a revelation. Hang in there. It is totally worth it. I get shots in my right eye every 7 weeks now for macular degeneration and it does not even hurt with their numbing process. Prayers for you for all you have to do.

  3. You know how fast two weeks passes (at our age)!
    If you e-mail me a USPS address, I’ll send you a vintage (1950) copy of a booklet by a Master Artist friend of our family (Charles X. Carlson) titled Simplified Water Color Painting (7″ x 5″/32 pages). He and my Dad went watercolor painting every Sunday for about 5 decades- they were both pretty good. My Dad had a bunch of copies in his estate.
    Just be relaxed and be thankful. Many people care about you.

  4. If Your loving and faithful audience offers thoughts and blessings and gratitude for all you have done for us, may the guiding spirit of our world send you courage, patience and healing.
    My love and prayers for you, Kate.

  5. Sending good thoughts. So appreciate you keeping us all up-to-date when there are catastrophes … and entertained with interesting items when there are not.

  6. Wish you all the best Kate and a speedy recovery! Thank you for all that you do….

  7. Prayers for a full recovery. Reading is one of my most treasured hobbies, I’d be lost without my sight! Not only for that, of course, but also appreciation for all the beauty that surrounds us. Mat you have a speedy recovery!!

  8. Kate,
    I’m a vet too.
    My neighbor Fred ,who lived to over 100 years,had Mac-degen and he was nervous about the shots. He was in the pacific theater during WW2.

    A local civilian physicians assistant told me to stay away from Long Beach.

    You are lucky in Monterey County if you can access the Palo Alto (Stanford) VA facility.
    A Korean War vet we know in Greenfield used the Monterey clinic and also Palo Alto.
    An Air Force vet I knew in Lake County had to travel to SF for treatments. He didn’t like it. They moved to Arizona.

    My cousin really likes the Reno facility.
    During Nam, her husband was on a tin can, 5″38 gun mount and is 100%.

    Take care and enjoy those books on tape(cd).
    They have some very professional and enjoyable story tellers.
    Russ & Jeanette

  9. I don’t know you in the flesh, but I believe I know in the most important way–your spirit. Now more than ever. Feel free to call (see email). My eyes are ok. I’ll read whatever you want until you recover.

  10. Hoping for a good recovery from 2000 miles from you. Love reading your blogs, and hope you get up to the task after your procedures.

  11. Sending healing thoughts your way. May you find relief, expanded vision…💜

  12. Love your positivity Kate. My mom would always say no one ever loses their eyesight from looking at the brighter side of life.

  13. Keeping good thoughts for you Kate. May the procedures be smooth and recovery swift.

  14. Courage and fortitude…. it’s a bummer to realize the eyesight is fading. I feel your struggle with it all too well!!! Wishing it goes well and you see great improvement! Eyesight is so utterly precious. Your posts will be missed, but we will keep you in our thoughts. Always.
    IF you feel up to it???? I just posted about my last visit to your beloved Big Sur (2013). You’ve seen some of the shots from back then…. Pity I didn’t get to meet you then. 🤗

  15. Love surrounds you and A LOT of healing energy … relax and take it easy … it’s your time to receive ❣️Thank you for all you do!

  16. Medical procedures are a bit of a pain in our lives, for they keep us from doing the things that we love for a few weeks. Thank goodness for modern technology and the Audible app. May your books, or songs, be many, and the outcome of your sight be bright. We’ll miss you when you’re gone, but love you even more when your articles come to light! My so-called poetry may not be the best, but at least I tried. Right? If you need anything, give me a call down here, in Cambria. 805-550-5310

  17. Oh . . . Kate. You have been much on my mind. I feel very sad for your troubles and (always) inspired by your restless creative daemon with her audacious fighting spirit. You are loved, friend: you know that. Lady too. Big hug: I am going full throttle offering heartfelt prayers for your full recovery.

  18. Kate – Thank you for all you do. Prayers and meditations for you and a swift recovery.

  19. Hi Kate.
    You don’t now me, but I admire and follow you and your wisdom. I am a regular at Plaskett and I Kirk Creek. I am coming down to camp in the rain tomorrow at Plaskett campground. I can pick up whatever you need at a grocery store or pharmacy or whatever you might want. Leaving Monterey at about 3pm. I do have a Yukon XL all-wheel drive and might be able to make it, but if Brandon wants to meet me at the bottom of Plaskett and Highway 1 that would be great too. Hope you are feeling a bit better. Sure seems like a long process! My best friend’s brothers progressively become both blind and deaf starting at the age of two. So I understand and want to help in whatever way I can.

    You are so loved by all of the community. We all collectively think so much of you. We all are wishing you the best with all an the various medical procedures. It would be an honor to help.

    Let me know and hope you are feeling better.
    Lauren Thomsen

  20. When you lose one sense the other senses are enhanced thats why there is unlimited love to give and receive. Sending love.

  21. Just catching up to you in print here, after a visit to Big Sur this week. Loved the sprinkle last Sunday night. For these times: enjoy the stories! All of the very best to you, Kate.

  22. Heal well, rest well and know you are being thought of by oh, so many people. XO

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