6 thoughts on “Highway One Closure, Friday photos

  1. It’s gonna be interesting to see how that big backhoe does moving that big slab, or if they have to call in a highly-skilled powder-monkey and break it up in place. They most likely wouldn’t need to set any big charges with the whole thing on the highway, and perhaps avoid a larger shock wave moving through the formational materials and unexposed fissures.

    No matter how one slices it, it is a highly risky operation. Not the most desirable place in the world to stand, hard hat or no hard hat!

  2. Caltrans does some ‘challenging’ jobs along CA-1. This one doesn’t look too bad. Looks like they got a good, experienced operator for that big Excavator. Remarkable machines!

    Kate, if you or any of your other readers wants to see some examples of Heavy Eqpt jobs gone wrong — often SPECTACULARLY wrong, have a look at the FB group Mining Mayhem. Too late for me to find you one — but there are some doozies!

    As always, thanks for keeping us informed! We’re kinda enjoying the short (we hope!) break in Big Sur traffic through Cambria…..

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