8 thoughts on “Looking out my window …

  1. I can remember many cozy days when it rained. We would always have a fire in our wood stove. Mom would usually bake some homemade bread and a pot of something simmering on the stove all day, the aroma, out of this world. We had a leaky-tin roof. As much as we enjoyed the musical tune of dripping water in pots, and the tin-tinkle upon the roof, we really didn’t much enjoy the indoor rain! Perfect day to read a book, play games, and enjoy being together. At school, we always had rainy-day session, getting out early, in hopes to make it home before we were trapped by a slide along the way. Treasured memories. I love you photo! Take care, enjoy the rain, hopefully it isn’t torrential, but gently soaks into the ground.

  2. You captured the fall leaves as they grow old. Full of beauty and brightness🍁

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