Photo Sunday, Happy Halloween!

The eye surgery was a success, the gas bubble is still with me, but getting smaller each day, and recovery is coming along. I got home despite the craziness of the slide on Wednesday, and having to go to Cambria to pick up my dogs’s meds from the vet there. I am going to take time off from the Monday coffee reads for a while as I am not doing well at keeping them in focus.

14 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, Happy Halloween!

  1. Yay Kate! Progress! Thanks so, for letting us know. And yes, the ‘focus’ on your eye’s return to health, Numero Uno!

    Blessing’s to you,

  2. Thanks for giving an update on your healing progress. Been holding you in healing thoughts, eyes are so important! Enjoyed the cheery Halloween photos. Also the Hwy One rock slide clearing. Looks like Brandon got to see. We were camping at Kirk when it happened, so spent a couple extra beautiful days there. Thought of you up the hill.

  3. Ahhh, Penscratch, Kirk Creek! The place of my very fav 6 mile hike, just across hwy from the campground, with Wildflowers galore! 🌻

  4. So happy your surgery was successful! Relax, take care of yourself and may you heal quickly! Meanwhile, enjoy gazing out over your piece of paradise and soak up it’s beauty. Although I’ve not lived at Lucia for many years, I still picture the area as vividly as if I were there yesterday. For those of us unable to be there anymore, please sit a while longer and soak in the splendor for us. Take care!!

  5. I’ve been holding my breath, now I can. So happy you are on the mend. Thanks for all you do–and being you.

  6. Like the rest of us, I am thrilled your eye surgery was a success! So glad you will be continuing to take care of yourself!

  7. I am thrilled your surgery was a success! I would have been more than happy to have picked up your pets meds and brought them to you, or at least to where the highway was closed and handed it to a CalTrans gate person to give to you. Anytime you need something from Cambria, just give me a call.

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