9 thoughts on “Polar Star Slide video

  1. Video worked for me. Try again?

    Thanks again Kate!

    At :09, I’m worried about the exposed big chunks of rock that seem to be sitting on a steep incline of smoothish rock bedding. No way to work from the top, or does keeping the road open come first (before more material comes down on its own)? Below there appear to be two or three (or more) fresh damp (darker) runoff gullies forming and some rilling above in the “flatter” areas where soft material reached its angle of repose or got hung up on the subgrade? Did the water come from subsequent rainfall?

    In the thirties roadbuilding (some of it by my father) was more Kentucky windage than science. I doubt one could build this road to today’s standards.

    Happier New Year!

  2. I got the video fine. Makes me want to leave for vacation out there right now. Thanks for the info on the slide. Stay safe!

  3. Great job getting this video. Really helps understanding what the road is up against.

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