Democracy was on a respirator

I have struggled on how to recognize that gawd awful horrible day a year ago. It was a day we all learned how fragile our democracy can be. We’ve watched it in other countries but never thought it could happen to us…until it did.

I watched in horror along with two-thirds of the nation. The other third watched in glee. As Terri Kanefield explaines, “Psychologists tell us that 33% of the population is inclined toward Authoritarianism. Stats back this up: Hitler came to power with 33% approval. Huey Long & Joe McCarthy had 30-35% approval.” I held my breath unti a new President was sworn in.

For days, weeks, months, I was glued to the news to see how it all played out. Yesterday US Attorney Garland released his statement about the insurrection investigation.

This is your reminder that Merrick Garland’s investigation of Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and the Unabomber had zero leaks before indictments,100% convictions and no turnovers on appeal. Sometimes you have to have a little faith in the process.

I have faith.

21 thoughts on “Democracy was on a respirator

  1. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the orange clown posse is decimated/diminished when all is done. Our descendants deserve better than this!

  2. Thanks for the reminder and reassurance. Sometimes it’s hard to watch, not knowing it hasn’t gone into the dustbin along with so many other things… JFK’s assassination springs to mind right off the bat. 😠

  3. Glad to hear your take. People complaining “Hurry up now”… NO! Not fast, THOROUGH!!! (A thorough action or activity is one that is done very carefully and in a detailed way so that nothing is forgotten) Even me, equipped with limited patience…. I have faith. ……….For those hurry-up-people….take a chill pill or… gummie.

  4. Thank you, Kate. You have no idea how much I appreciate your ‘reminders’. 🤞

  5. You are right, must have a little faith…although faith has certainly had its reasons for being shaken as of late. I didn’t remember that Garland was on those other cases! Thanks for putting this post up oxoxox

  6. Let us not forget, & easy to do, when our disdain for the previous Presidency is being expertly, but transparently to many, exploited by the mainstream media. If we believe, that corrupt DC is all about We the People, then we have been truly fooled. The Good News, is that many now, are awakening to DC’s power Over the People, including, their equal partner, tbe mainstream media! We are in big Karma times, & the worst of the worst, will be exposed! Our big test will be, will we call All of them out, or, as currently, only those not on ‘our side?’ For example, many had no issue with the rioting & town destroying violence & murders that took place, all summer long in 2020, but did have an issue, with the People breaking into what used to be, “The People’s House.”

    It will be gratifying indeed, as we watch these next 2 years, corrupt & incompetent, establishment DC’s power Over the People, dissolve, as those waking up, attract in the new leadership of those that will be working for, We the People! 🌟

  7. True Democracy is not, my side over another’s, which is exactly what we are being shown currently, if we will See it. America is going Purple, ready or not, back to, a true Democracy. And those most embedded on ‘their Side,’ will have the most difficulty making the shift. Fortunately, we won’t need the embedded, as that magical ‘100th Monkey #, will be achieved without them, & already in progress! 😊

  8. Indeed! The People are finally Waking up, & in reaction to, the authoritarianism at work, from big pharma & big govt, to the once powerful Teacher’s Union, all in fear, of losing the grip they’ve enjoyed over the people for decades! And leading the revolution, parents! of the children being told they are rascist, cannot attend school once again, & that Teacher’s know better than the parents. Mama Bear’s to the rescue! Luv it!

    Also of note, African American mother’s now calling out, & rejecting the mainstream media & teacher’s hyping to them, that White’s are rascist, & that somehow, they & their children are victims. How quickly we forget, that America elected a Black American President, & for 8 yrs running! Hint, hint, will someone please tell those using this manipulation & exploitation against Black American’s, & in fact any race, that their futile attempts at using reverse racism is already failing, rejected by just those Black American’s they are targeting! We are to bare witness now & moving forward, to our own words & actions, as all destructive behavior is up for cleansing. But first, it must be called out, regardless of race, creed, gender, & political preference. Our vote is our most powerful tool, & we will watch these next 2 years most notably, as the broken & toxic 2~party system dissolves. We are entering what some are calling, the New Paradigm, one of truth-telling, right action, & collective gain. Gee, what a concept, eh folks! 🌎

  9. Thank you Kate for your informed perspective and positivity, and for helping me “ keep the faith!”

  10. Wonderfully said, W!
    That is what this time is all about! The Grand Wake-up! to the realization that, no one has it over the other, no matter how strongly we believe otherwise! ☮

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