More Colorado Fire photos, 1/23/22

These are also from the night the fire started from Clay Jackson under Bixby looking up at the ridge with the glass house. They are gorgeous!

This first photo is from the night the fire started. This is from Green Ridge on Palo Colorado rd looking west, towards where the first started. This was taken at 8:44pm
– Beth Portesi, resident of Palo Colorado

I was too tired Friday to ge to it, and Saturday it got buried in my inbox, but it is such a good dramatic photo, I want to give everyone the chance to see it.


These first photos are by Mike Doig. He added short descriptions to some of them with which I will caption the photos.

On the east side, 4 planes worked it with 2 drops each
Hain’s pond where helicopters were filing up
Getting smoky
Last few retardant drops were closer to the ocean
South view, the fire camp on the left, Division Knoll in the middle. The helicopter has been working that second ridge. 
North looks pretty good

And here are Blain Vandenberg’s photos:

A lot less fire action at noon than at dawn. With all of the air support and hand crews it seems like this eastern ridge isn’t too far from being contained.
Many a pink strip on the hillside! 
We don’t have a view further down the Rocky Creek drainage, but did see the planes take quite a few low passes of retardant that way

5 thoughts on “More Colorado Fire photos, 1/23/22

  1. Great series of photos. Hope they determine, quickly, just how this started.

  2. These are incredible photos! I’m so thankful for our firefighters, air support, photographers, and you Kate!

  3. A special thank you to Clay Jackson, Beth Portesi, Mike Doig, and Blain Vandenberg for these photos.

  4. Kate,
    Could you reach out to some of your great reporters that might have been in the fire area to see if the Westmere sign at entrance is still standing. I don’t think the fire reached that far but if it did get into the cypress trees, it could have easily burnt. The sign has been there since the 1940’s.

    Thank you

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