Colorado Fire, Day 4, 1/24/22

Finally, I was unable to be at home today, but instead was on the road all day, and tied up this evening, so my coverage of the fire has been spotty at best.

And the latest John Chesnut heat detection map to further clarify earlier heat maps:

This is tonight’s update. The agencies involved are working on the language for the road closure and evacuations, and we might hear something later tonight or at least by tomorrow morning, hopefully.

The fire has cooled considerably. NW corners still seems active. John Chesnut heat map:

Today, I would like to start your day off with three very different “fire” photos. First are two of Tim Huntington’s Pacific White Sided Dolphins frolicking with the fire in the background. Then there is Martha Diehl’s capture of a helicopter’s water drop rainbow. Al three of these were taken yesterday. Thanks for a great start to the day!

9 thoughts on “Colorado Fire, Day 4, 1/24/22

  1. OH MY. Heaps of gratitude to Tim and Martha for superb photographic eyes. To Mother Earth for the magnificence of leaping white dolphins and luminescent rain bows foregrounding a fire scene that appears to be calming down. Even in fire . . . we live in Paradise amongst myriad blessings too many to count. And for you, Kate–gratitude for your always sensitivity to silver linings.

  2. Yes! DW!
    We at times are swept up in the drama, when Awesome Life, is at work reminding us otherwise! 🐬

  3. Thank you Kate for keeping us all updated, and for the great photos! My prayers go out to all.

  4. The Monterey Peninsula area is where I was born and raised. As a Scout, I was lucky enough to spend a week camping in the Big Sur area. All this was over 40 years ago. Though I have been away from Her for all these years, I return every 2-3 years and still marvel at how fortunate I was to be born and raised in such a paradise. Thank you so much for your obvious “labor of love” in keeping all of Her Children abreast of this unfortunate event.

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