Colorado Fire, Day 6, 1/26/22

Here is our scheduled lineup for the Monterey County Emergency Media Briefing today. 
The briefing streams on Monterey County’s YouTube channel and our Facebook page.
See you at Noon. Maia Carroll Colorado Fire Update Public Health, COVID-19 questions  COVID testing availability/collaboration COVID-19 Collaborative Update/VIDA Champions Awards Office of Emergency Services Resilience Project, “Office Hours”
CAL FIRE morning update 1/26/22

Morning photos from Scott Bogen and Mike Doig. Looking good.

3 thoughts on “Colorado Fire, Day 6, 1/26/22

  1. At the risk of being callous given the impact on many lives due to the fire:

    After a long time in California I had planned for a trip into Big Sur (Fernwood) starting Friday, coming from the north. Is it likely that Hwy1 will be open by Friday?

    Again, I know that there are much bigger concerns out there but information/rumors would be great. I assume getting back to normal to include tourism is great for everyone involved. The official Cal Fire reports obviously aren’t firm.

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