Evacuations Lifted, Highway Opens

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
San Benito-Monterey Unit
CONTACT: (650) 477-0379 RELEASE
DATE: January 26, 2022
Evacuation Orders on Colorado Fire Lifted Monterey, CA – The Evacuation Orders have been lifted on the Colorado Fire.
All roads impacted by the fire, including Highway 1 have been reopened. Emergency vehicles are still working, please use extreme caution when driving through the area.
There will be periodic traffic controls to allow emergency vehicles access to the fire area.

9 thoughts on “Evacuations Lifted, Highway Opens

  1. Tyler … I noted where you said that you were vacationing at a nonpermitted (illegal) Airbnb short-term vacation rental up in Palo Colorado Canyon (37000 block) when you learned of the fire, and I was shocked to read that you said you rushed back into the canyon to retrieve your belongings after being out for the evening while all the local residents that live here were evacuating. That to me was a foolish move on your part, and I thank gosh you didn’t cause a collision when you had no reason to be up there to begin with!

  2. Not saying it’s Ok, but Non-permitted Airbnb’s are plentiful. My friends also went in for their belongings.
    Not a crime.

  3. Yes I agree Sierra, nonpermitted Airbnbs are plentiful up in that neck of the woods. But my concern is no vacationing tourist had any business going up there to begin with during a fire to “save” his luggage, and by doing so this tourist actually endangered the “lives” of both residents evacuating the area, as well as firefighter!

  4. I do understand your point, Janet.
    I would just add, that expressing our frustration with a bit more kindness, may have a stronger impact. How does the saying go,, We get more results with Honey, than with Bitterness? This is something we’re all learning in these trying times!

  5. One last comment, then I’m off ………
    No honey, but lots of sugar and spice and everything nice (opening gates, backing up, delivering home deliveries that arrived at the wrong address during the pandemic, giving directions, etc. 🙂 Then providing very good and up to date factual information, which I also heard the County did to no avail. Then someone suggested vinegar, and here we are!

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