Go fund me for Mid Coast Fire Brigade

Every opportunity I get, I support our volunteer fire departments. I do that regularly with Big Sur Fire but have only done it occasionally for Mid Coast Fire Brigade. Yesterday, I got this request, and immediately said ”Yes.” There are prize drawings that will be held for donors, as well. Check it out and donate. They were on the front lines for the Colorado Fire last month.

Hi, Kate.
My name is Will Bans. I teach at Carmel River Elementary and from 2012-21 I taught at Captain Cooper. I just launched a fundraiser for the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade in Palo Colorado and for a scholarship. I know your blog is pretty much all news, but I thought I would share with you regardless in an effort to spread the word.Thank you!Link: https://gofund.me/ff8e1e68— 

William Bans4th Grade TeacherCarmel River Elementary School