Never Ending Construction/Repair on Highway One

There was one other place where the light turned green just before I got there, so I am missing a photo of that. And the signals at Garrapata were off and no construction going on there. Five total areas yesterday on my way to town. Good thing I didn’t have an emergency.

6 thoughts on “Never Ending Construction/Repair on Highway One

  1. It really adds some time to the commute to town. a 45 minute drive to Carmel is now doubled, sometimes, even more.

  2. They are shoring up the bridges, which needs to be done. I’m glad they are fixing our roads, even if it makes the drive longer. The good news is that the project was originally supposed to take until May 2023 but now says it will be completed in 2022

  3. They really are not even started work on the bridge at Garrapata Creek. I wish they would make more public announcements about the overall projects they are doing instead of dumping a laundry list on us each week. I know they are trying to minimize impacts to the public but more clarity on the overall projects would be really helpful.

  4. Should there BE a road along the steep reaches of the coast given the history?

  5. Thats like asking if there should be water in the the desert of L.A.

    Its here, so it should be maintained.

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