Sunday Photo, 2/27/22

Please feel free to unsubscribe if this very rare political statement on my blog offends you. I cannot keep quiet about this. I don’t believe we should ever keep quiet about war. I stand with Ukraine and against Tucker Carlson who says he doesn’t care and is rooting for Russia. I do care. Also, if you have Netflix, you might want to watch the documentary, “Winter on Fire.” Gotta say I have a new love — Zelensky.

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  1. I agree with you! In addition, as a kid, I always thought differences between two countries should be determined by a baseball game rather than killing each other! Oh if life could be so smple!!

  2. Putin is a crazy demonic thug. Praying for Ukraine. Ukraine President Zelensky is a hero as are all the Ukranian men and women fighting this evil to defend their country. Pour your Russian vodka down the toilet.

  3. We watched “Winter on Fire” three days before the invasion — I can’t praise it, or the Ukrainian resistance, adequately. And to think that the Maidan was only 8 years ago — ‘only yesterday’ to so many alive there today. Previous to “Winter on Fire” we watched Mr. Jones, and I recommend it highly too; the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Stalin’s starvation campaign are alive today. Here it is, based on true events:

  4. Right on Kate! Hooray for Zelensky is facing down Putin, and good on ya Biden for telling the world what was going on. The truth will set us free.

  5. While I understand your Hate Kate, of Carlsen, hating the ‘other side,’ regardless of who & what, is actually the root Cause of War.

  6. Sierra, I did not say I “hate” Tucker Carlson. I only said I stood against him. I don’t “hate” “the other side” as it includes friends and family that I love. I do not condone Carlson’s behavior or opinions. That is not hate. I don’t hate people, I sometimes hate what they may do — their behavior, not the person.

  7. Kate – I can’t wait to fire up Winter on Fire tonight. I am hopeful Putin’s invasion into Ukraine backfires by patching up and bolstering our European alliances. I also want to be clear, the enemy here is Putin and his cronies. It most certainly is not the Russian people.

  8. My blood boils at persecution and demagoguery. My heart is with Ukraine. Zelensky is a brave leader from all that I can see. I just wish we Americans were on a bit more solid footing with our condemnations as our empire building and colonizing over the past hundred or so years has set a terrifying example for other nations and leaders. It is just plain true that the U.S. has subverted governments, helped assassinate leaders, and interfered in the internal affairs of natons repeatedly, and Putin can look at us and say “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

    The truth is complicated. There is a lesson for us in observing Putin’s outrageous actions in Ukraine: we really do need to take a closer look in the mirror.

  9. So welll written, Michael, Thank you!
    These truths are, what will Set Us Free!
    We are finally on our way now, albeit slowly. 🌎🇺🇸☮

  10. No question that Michael is correct that US history has its skeletons…starting with Native Americas, Slavery in the South, colonialism, i.e.South America, Manifest Destiny, the Monroe Doctrine, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, puppet governments throughout the world etc. etc I also understand why Putin is looking to limit NATO alliance countries n his “back yard.” Putin does not look at the actual history of Ukraine. He is looking to restore the Soviet Union, to what he believes was lost by his predecessors, along with western involvement via NATO. The truth is that Communism itself was unable to compete with Capitalism, right or wrong. Trump has done what no former President has ever done, and that is publicly degrade a succeeding presidents policies. As Democrat and Republican Presidents win and lose elections…none have tried to capitalize on the actions of their successor…except Trump and his puppets. Pathetic. There comes a time when Americans have to join together. No one is capable of getting everything right. Can’t think of what this administration could have done differently. Putin played Trump like a Stradivarius, (best violins ever hand made) when he was in office and it was clear from the start that KGB training was going to prevail over “The Art of the Deal.” Tell it like it is Kate……

  11. Bravo Kate. There are times when it’s necessary to speak out – especially against bullies. And not every problem is a 50-50; it’s clear who started this after working hard with help from his friends to weaken NATO and the European Community.

  12. Thank you for using your public voice the way it SHOULD be used–speaking out.

  13. Just watched Winter on Fire. Grateful for suggestion. I understand the resolute heroism of the everyday Ukrainian now in this war. Wow. Great comments here from many. Thank you.

  14. WAR (W) Wealth (A) Acquisition (R) Redistribution

    War doesn’t happen without finance and finance doesn’t happen without profit guarantees.

  15. Let’s build a country of opportunities, where everybody is equal before the law and where the rules of the game are honest and transparent, and the same for everyone.
    -President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky- 🇺🇦

  16. Nazi Division in Ukrainian Army?

    So it appears that Putin is not entirely delusional when he justifies his invasion of Ukraine as a “de-Nazification.” I get that this is an argument of convenience, but it is also not a lie.

    It is reported that the Ukrainian military is the only sovereign armed force with an offical Nazi regiment.

    My brain hurts

    One question I ask is if Zelensky ever offered to purge this regiment from the Ukrainian Army to satisfy Putin’s concerns – and avoid armed conflict. That would have excised Putin’s rationale for invading.

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