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Hi there!
I wanted to reach out and let you know that we will be filming part of a Lexus commercial on Thursday 03/03/2022 along HWY 1 between MM 54.0 – 62.0 and on Bixby Bridge between the hours 6am-7:30pm.  We will not be there for the entire day as we have another location up in Santa Cruz that we will be filming on the same day.
We will doing intermittent traffic control at times for safety with the help of the CHP.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
All the best,

Joshua EldridgeLocation

11 thoughts on “Car Commercial Filming

  1. I sent Joshua a light-hearted “FIND ANOTHER LOCATION, WILL YOU? IT’S SO OVER-USED!”. He responded nicely and said it wasn’t up to him and he totally understood. If any of you lived on the Old Coast Road – you would be tearing your hair out – I often cannot even get by with all the tourists.

  2. Great idea! Let’s keep promoting a spot with 20 parking spots and 300 cars attempting to park there, especially on the weekends. Can our County officials wake up and stop issuing permits at this dangerous and congested location. Out of sight out of mind for these people that only think of the money that doesn’t even go back to Big Sur.

  3. Hello, my question is …. will this Lexus film crew be coordinating their traffic control with the road construction crew that is working just north of Rocky Creek putting in culverts for the Palo Debris flow, as this could turn into a real CF with lines of backed up traffic heading both north and south due to signals at both Granite Creek and Little Sur? I’m surprised this commercial shoot is actually being allowed to happen with all the needed construction going on!!!

  4. Another Big Sur car commercial is like trying to nail jello to a wall. We are all disgusted and exhausted.

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