17 thoughts on “And there was snow…on 2/22/22

  1. Really enjoyed these photos! What a gorgeous view you have. My husband says there is only one thing wrong with your view – “you’d never want to go anyplace else.” 🙂 Hope your plants recover OK. Lady is looking so elegant. Thanks for a touch of Big Sur snow.

  2. I’m in CT. 65 today and snow Storm headed here for the weekend. I remember snow on the Sand dunes around Monterey Bay when I was a kid.

  3. Great pictures, I can remember the great snow in 1962. It cancelled the Bing Crosby golf. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ocean view with snow… Pure delight! Loved the Plaskett Ridge shot in particular.
    We had a whole inch of rain yesterday with a smattering of hail in there, too. No snow though.

  5. Here in northeast Oklahoma, it’s right at 20 degrees with about an inch of sleet on the ground. More sleet with freezing rain to continue through tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures Kate. Your patio has such a fantastic view. Can you adopt a big, old, and liberal man to guard it? Take care all!

  6. Kate,
    Thank you for posting your wonderful photos. 🙂 It keeps us living in the now.

  7. We had snow in the winter of ‘85 too if I remember right … maybe even a few more times after that when I lived on lower Greenridge.

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