Leave no trace…

And there are the culprits. Copies of all these photos (with license visible) and B’s statement was sent to the USFS Law Enforcement Officer. Will let you know if he says or does anything. (LEO says he was up Saturday night around 8 pm and was issuing tickets.)

13 thoughts on “Leave no trace…

  1. Please do report if there is a response from USFS, Kate. I have lost my adjectives regarding the lowly state of human affairs (lowly . . . an adjective!) so I will refrain from commenting at greater length.

  2. how long were they there for all that trash!? box and all! unbelievable!

  3. I will never understand how people can like nature enough to go visit, but not respect it enough to leave no trace. At my favorite beach my wife and I so enjoy walking the shore in the winter months. In the summer we always bring a plastic bag along because we know we will find numerous empty bottles and other assorted trash of all kinds, and we do our small part to clean some of it up. I try not to feel hate, but God help me there are times, like these, where it wells up and I wish retribution on those who trash our open spaces.

    I’m with Deb. I don’t know why, but the box thing is particularly galling.

  4. Deb, this is one weekend’s worth of trash by one couple. The thing with the box gets me, too. They could have unpacked their brand new air mattress at home fer gawd’s sake!!!

  5. Horrible! I, too, was offended by the air mattress box. It looks like they came and stayed for awhile. Glad they bagged up most of the trash, but who did they think would remove and dispose of it all? Talk about irresponsible and disregard for Nature! No wonder I stay home and work in my garden.

  6. Plastic garbage bags….anyone tell them there are wild animals out there? Cuz the animals will find that mess way before the garbage truck makes it

  7. Thank you, Kate, for documenting and turning the evidence pics over to the authorities. Please let us know of any outcome. Would like to see some sort of justice. Community service – picking up other people’s trash? Oh, and a fine to compensate for the taxpayer’s dollars used to enforce what should not even be an issue.

  8. Let me know if you get LEO enforcement. I have pictures of destruction of rock outcroppings up on coast ridge road,used for ornamental rock decoration. I have licenses plate and pictures of the trucks backed up to exploit the resource. We can’t have a double standard of enforement

  9. The Coast has become such an attraction for tourists that just ddon’t care. I appreciate and thank you for turning the pics over to the USFS.

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