Carmel Highway One lane closures next week



MONTEREY COUNTY – Tree trimming operations on northbound Hwy. 1 in Carmel will result in lane closures Monday thru Thursday next week. 

Travelers will encounter a closure of the #2 (right) lane on Northbound Hwy. 1 on the following schedule:

Monday         May 9           Northbound Hwy. 1 at Flanders Drive

Tuesday        May 10         Northbound Hwy. 1 at Third Avenue

Wednesday   May 11         Northbound Hwy. 1 at Handley Drive

Thursday      May 12         Northbound Hwy. 1 at Carpenter Street

These lane closures will be in effect from 8:30 am to 2 pm.

CHP will be on hand to help direct traffic.

Message and directional signs will be in place to alert travelers.

Travelers can expect delays of up to five minutes.

Please allow extra time for your commute through the area.

6 thoughts on “Carmel Highway One lane closures next week

  1. These closures stall traffic flow and cause increased pollution emissions due to idling cars. I wish the government could find a better way – maybe a better time – to do this.

  2. This “leaner” bears watching in case it increases the degree of lean (indicator of slow-motion failure in process that might last for years or come down any time. Try and save it, but it’s very close to the road and appears to have fill over part of its trunk. Otherwise, it appears to have been steady and “healthy” for more than a decade–but appearances, particularly in GSV, can be deceiving either way. A close inspection might be wise, however.,-121.911677,3a,75y,11.72h,114.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sTrnhdaw42s4VnHiQQ09nrQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    In the previous GSV, note that there appears to have been at least one failure in the past; perhaps three or more, given the sawed downed tree and the two fractured stumps to its right.

  3. Just north of Carpenter they’ve taken out some questionable ones (to put it mildly) sometime within the last two or three years, so it appears that the tree professionals are on their toes!

  4. BigSurViews,

    The additional idling of vehicles on this stretch of highway has a statistically insignificant impact on global CO2 emissions. Modern vehicles’ exhaust (aside from CO2) is so clean that there really is no environmental impact from idling vehicles.

    Traffic in general is a more significant issue, but the alternative would be doing this work at night. Not only would this pose greater risk to the workers, but the cutting of trees will naturally require loud equipment. The noise pollution to nearby residents is probably the most significant environmental impact of this work; unless someone works nights, it’s preferable to have that racket during the day.

  5. I missed a few words above – I meant to say that “Modern vehicles’ exhaust (aside from CO2) is so clean that there really is no *smog-forming* environmental impact from idling vehicles *on Hwy 1 in the Big Sur area for a few days.*

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