Navajo Fire near Santa Margarita

5/9 update: Fire was contained at 20 acres. USFS personnel keeping an eye on it today to make sure it is out.

5:45 pm – From WildCAD:

05/08/2022 13:48LPF-869
P5Ek1Y22 (0507)
NAVAJOWildfireNAVAJO CG SL.CRW1LPF CRW3LPF DIV1LPF DIV3LPF E315LPF4X4 E338LPF4X4 E346LPF E355LPF E373LPF4X4 E375LPF PAT17ALPF PAT38LPF QDIV3 Thibault Effective 05/08/22 1542grass/brush2035 22.200, -120 18.72029S R15E Sec 25.

Sorry, the formatting is a mess. It is fine in the draft version, but not the published. I’m keeping an eye on this one as the wind has been whipping up here all day. It is near the off-road vehicle area and the Navajo campground. Wind is still gusting here.

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