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Just received from David Smiley:

”I have just learned that there will be no polling place in Big Sur. That is a bummer!! Everyone needs to be informed about this ASAP.
My concern about it is that as a poll worker in the recent past I, and others, noticed that there are many incorrect addresses for the folks who live here in the official Voter Roster. The vote by mail ballots have been sent out already. I think a serious heads up needs to go out to all of Big Sur urging our community to update their address if they did not receive a ballot for this election. They can call the Monterey County Elections Office at 831-796-1499 or they can get online help at to be sure they can vote.
Can you both get this word out to people? Please!!!”

3 thoughts on “Voting & Big Sur addresses

  1. Out precinct at Tularcitos Fire Station was eliminated too. I’ve worked there since it opened in 1979. Another bummer.

  2. The struggle is real for many and getting worse, here is information for voters without an address and other disabilities.

    I have included the ACDL page because the information is applicable and presented well.

    Direct Democracy is Pure Democracy.

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