10 thoughts on “Sunday Photos, 5/15/2022

  1. What a beautiful drive, gorgeous scenery. Despite the car in front of you practically sliding off the road.

  2. My love of hiking blossomed during my amazing years of growing up in Big Sur. I became obsessed with wanting to know what lay around every bend in a path, or over the rise before me! I love these pictures of the fog. It raised my adrenaline level to the added mystery which whispers to be followed!

  3. So soothing and lovely… a lush hike through the misty woods. Thanks for sharing, Kate! 💞🙏

  4. Your photos always give us a glimpse of your gypsy soul and wildflower heart.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous and mysterious. I feel so lucky that my grown boys want to go camping with me in very late May. Big Sur (South Coast especially) holds families together with its beauty and memories. I also love my alone time there. I so appreciate everything you do and post. Much love to you. -Lauren

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