Heat Wave predictions

Per Daniel Swain, Weather West: ”In California, the first wave of heat will affect the interior this weekend before relenting somewhat by mid-week. But the secondary heat peak beginning around 10 days from now and continuing for at least 7+ days may be much more consequential and prolonged.

“This heatwave will be remarkable more for its great spatial extent and duration as opposed to its maximum intensity (though again, that could perhaps change, as some ensemble members are suggesting the potential for even hotter conditions).

In other words, this weekend might just be an indication of what is in store for us in about 10 days.

4 thoughts on “Heat Wave predictions

  1. Thank you for the info, Kate! I’ll be crossing my fingers that people behave and that there are no fires 🤞🤞🤞!

  2. Just got back home after a layover in Phoenix where it was 114. It is hard to describe that heat and harder to bear it.

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