Photo Sunday, 7/15/2022

This is a print Erin did to raise money for our community, I think after the Soberanes Fire. I’d always wanted on of Erin’s prints, so I purchased this one — for a good cause. An internet friend, Jane-Ashley Skinner, paid to have it framed and matted for me as a gift after the Soberanes Fire. She has a place on both coasts. It hangs in my bedroom, and I love it. Thank you, Ladies. I treasure this.

6 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 7/15/2022

  1. Aww. It looks great. I love the way it was matted and framed and it really pops against the paint color. on the wall. We bought another of Erin’s works this spring. I’m running out of wall space!

  2. Very nice. Reminds me of two of my other favorites, Cyndra Bradford & Kip Stewart.

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