One thought on “Point Sur Lighthouse Historical Tour

  1. Pt Sur Light Station. USCG Light List Vol.III (CG-162) Page 5. Assigned No. 36. International Hydrographic Bureau No. G3988. Lat. N. 38 18.4, Long. W. 121 54.0 , Resident Personnel. Flashing White. 15 seconds. 1,100,000 candlepower. Luminous range 23 miles. Light height above water 270ft. Radio Beacon. Fog Signal. Diaphragm Morse A. every 60 seconds. Built 1889. USCG District 12 (now combined with District 11).
    Prior to electrification most were Fresnel Bros. Glass Optics.Paris, France or Chance Bros. London. utilizing a single incandescent mantel, kerosene lamp.
    (otherwise known as Aladdin lamps) . Lt. RWT. USCGR. 1965-69.

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