Highway One closure, yesterday

On the way to town for Rock Knocker’s birthday. We were going to have lunch at the River Inn, but we couldn’t get there. It was lunch time, we were hungry, but we … and hundreds of others on the road…were trying to find cell service and something to eat. It was a zoo. Car vs. Pole. We ended up at Nepenthe which was lovely. I haven’t been since the pandemic…too peopley for me. Had a great lunch, then tried to get through again, and it was open, even though we had been told 5 hours.

by Kate Novoa
By Barbara Ray
By Barbara Ray

4 thoughts on “Highway One closure, yesterday

  1. Judging by the blue sky in your first shot, you had a fine view down the coast from Nepenthe! Loved going there when I lived in Berkeley–even when crowded, a good stop on the way to Lucia Lodge, which I hope rebuilds their own delightful restaurant some day!

  2. I hope lunch at Nepenthe was not too sore a trial 😉😉

    Many happy returns to Mr Knocker. Sounds like a very nice birthday after all.

  3. Happy Birthday, Rock Knocker! Luckiliy it happened on the north side and not south of Coast Gallery where your option for lunch is back from where you came another 30 minutes!

    I love the Product Placement of River House! Seize the moment. Well done Barbara!

  4. One way or another the road will get closed. One way or another Celebration for Rock Knocker! One way or another you’ll “get through”. Cheers. And, thoughts and prayers for the not so fortunate and for first responders.

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