This day in History, 2020

During the day, we were dealing with the Carmel and River Fires, both started by lightning. A little after 8:30 pm, a arsonist started the Dolan Fire south of Esalen. It raged until the end of September.

Here are some photos.

The Hermitage, by Brendon Shave
By bigsurkate. One can see the hermitage in the clearing
By bigsurkate from my house

The control line holding the burnout from Prewitt Ridge along McKern Road to Nacimiento-Ferguson Road is still holding. Tonight’s photos show two members of the Del Rosa Hotshots (blue hard hats) and other firefighters working with bulldozers to light and hold this burnout the day before yesterday (Thursday 9/17/2020.)

This was taken exactly one month after the Dolan Fire started, by bigsurkate

People were fighting fires all over the state due to lightning strikes. With this last storm yesterday, we lucked out. Only 1 strike in the Ventana, and it didn’t start a fire, fortunately. Let’s all “knock on wood” and be grateful. Still have a couple months to go, so continue to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all time. Casey retired from the USFS after his injuries. Anyone in contact with him that cares to report, please do so.