Fire at PG&E Battery storage facility at Moss Landing

7 pm – MC_OES: Shelter-In-Place Advisory & Rd Closures lifted/Todos los Avisos de Refugio y Cierres de Caminos levantadosMore/Mas Info:

From this morning:
I have been posting about this on FB and on WD, and realized I need to post here, as well. A fire started in the Tesla Battery Storage facility next door to the power plant in the wee hours of the morning. It has resulted in a haz mat condition for the entire area, which has closed Highway 1 and also a shelter in place order for the immediate area. The best current source of official information is found here:!/

2022-09-20 06:59 Monterey County Sheriff’s Office and CHP have issued the following road closures, effective immediately, due to the Power Plant Fire: Southbound Highway 1 at Struve Rd, Northbound Highway 1 at Potrero Rd, and Dolan Rd. at Via Tanques.

2022-09-20 09:18 North County Fire Department and Monterey County Sheriff’s Office have issued a Shelter-In-Place Advisory, effective immediately until further notice, for the areas of Moss Landing West of Dolan Rd/Via Tanques, South of Struve Rd, and North of Potrero Rd. There is an ongoing hazardous materials incident in Moss Landing. Please shut your windows and turn off your ventilation systems. In the event of changing weather patterns, impacted areas may change. 

Shelter in Place Advisory zones are shown in the map below. If you’re viewing this page from a cell phone, visit the direct interactive map for easier viewing.

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  1. These fires and the potentially hazardous effects to wildlife has got to stop. What’s it going to take to reverse the Tesla battery storage at Moss Landing?

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