Is it Fall or Winter?

Yesterday, I lost my power and my internet. The power, since it is self-supplied, I managed to get back in a few hours of wrestling with the hurricane while I located the storm-caused problem.. The internet was off from 4 am until 6 pm…both Starlink AND Excede/Via Sat. It was excede I got back online at 6 pm. I spent the rest of the day basically trying to stay warm and reading. Today seems to be back to a normal fall, but look for freezing temps to return Thursday and Friday night.

These gorgeous photos from Yosemite came to me via today’s California Sun.

4 thoughts on “Is it Fall or Winter?

  1. Interesting on the Internet. We have Excede and it worked most of the time. We haven’t jumped on the Starlink bandwagon yet! All new satellites work nice and fast until in time the masses all clog it up! That was explained to me long ago by our tech guy of the minute!

    Since I was able to stay home I got to enjoy the 2.3″ inches of rain.

    These photos of Yosemite are gorgeous! Thanks for eye candy.

  2. Some jaw dropping images there.
    (Yay! I finally figured out I could post without the kinks by going to Reader… 😏😏) Whatever works, I ‘spose!

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