Is this how the Polar Star slope failure developed?

Images are Google Earth “Historic Imagery” sequence. 2015 image was brightened and sharpened. Images obtained and shared by John Chesnut. Caltrans says it is.

Here is the grading code violation:

The parcel at the Polar Star slide. ( SLO County assessor  011-021-016)  has a paper trail on grading violation that was subject to a remediation permit and paper trail.

This is accessible via the SLO County ‘Land Use View’ web portal.

Select the parcel on the map, Click “additional details” in the Parcel info pop-up.   

The Code Enforcement details are generally not visible, but the correction permit is public record (and provides inferences about the code enforcement),  which is interesting, and not the “Grading As Built” record records the slide that closed the Highway.