Nacimiento-Fergusson Road

This is on the East side, just down from the old Nacimiento USFS Fire Station. Photo provided by Tom Collins. That is the road being undermined by a slip out in the center of the photo. This slip out may not be any worse than what has been present since the Jan 2021 storms.

Karl, see comment below, suggested I make my response to him public due to the complexity of the jurisdiction here.

N-F road is USFS who then contracts with MoCo for maintenance. Maintenance is not the same as repair. There was a contract awarded to Papich to repair it after the Dolan Fire and following storm damage. That was set to begin by May and conclude by Dec of this year. Our Representative, Jimmy Panetta, is responsible for getting the money for these repairs. (It is federal road so everything takes a long time and is complicated.) Now we have new damage, which we are trying to get folded in, but good lord, the complications. Is this attributable to the Dolan Fire and the atmospheric rivers that followed, or is it attributable to January 2023’s atmospheric rivers? It is hard enough trying to understand the criteria the feds use, nevermind to explain it.