3 thoughts on “Mill Creek Slide, 3/11/23

  1. Don’t really “like” a lot of the storm posts. Wish they had “don’t like” or “wow” or “sad” or “OMG” buttons. 🙂 Thank you, as ever, for being point woman keeping the info network functioning. You’re a GEM Kate.

  2. Doesn’t look too bad, so far, for this one. Cambria got pretty wet: 5+ inches, local flooding in the usual places. We even lost our cell service for a few hours! Power (basically) stayed on, Yay!
    Rocky Butte: a LOT of rain, ditto for all the higher SLO county peaks.
    Reservoirs are filling and starting to spill over. Been awhile since that happened.
    In case anyone doesn’t have the link:
    https://wr.slocountywater.org/ all the County rain gauges, plus stream flow, reservoir levels & more! Nicely-organized site. The gauges are pretty reliably online even in severe weather.

    As always, thanks for the updates!

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