Road Collapse between Lucia and the Hermitage

This one is from Ashleigh Seefeldt

That does not look good, and Monday night into Tuesday I think it is a good bet it will look worse.

Just got this photo around 3 pm from Rhea Withrow. Per Caltrans, this is above 20 ft long.

2 pm — I received this from a local and passed it on to Caltrans PIO, Kevin D. I will update when I have any additional information.

“I went down to bring Sam up for lunch here at the Hermitage.  I could not get to the Lucia employee driveway.  CHP and Caltrans at the major road collapse just north of Dane Creek.  There are two spots.  The one closest to the Hermitage is bad.  The retaining wall that was built a few years ago failed.  There is about 15 feet of it hanging in the air.  Highway is undercut past the middle line.  I informed the CHP of the 8 guests that need to get out.  I don’t know how that will happen.  But, what do I know?”

4 thoughts on “Road Collapse between Lucia and the Hermitage

  1. Prayers out to the Hermitage and to all of us in a very difficult predicament right now. Please keep us updated on this report. Thank-you!

  2. For a student of meditation or one seeking a fresh path..there’s a lot to be said for getting a few additional days at the Hermitage.

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