Storm Reports, 3/14/23

I will probably be in and out today due to very windy and rainy conditions interfering with satellite, power, and sundry other issues like the highjacking of my twitter account by someone around 2 am this morning. I am locked out of my own account. They changed my password and email associated with my account. I am tempted to crawl into bed, pull the covers up over my head, and call it a day.

And on that note I bring you the morning’s forecast, much as we were told to expect:

Key Points--

* Moderate to strong Atmospheric River impacts the region today
* Direct threat to life and property from wind and water impacts
* Flooding of streets, creeks, and streams is expected
* Moderate to major impacts may occur from river flooding
* Flash flooding, debris flows, and shallow landslides are possible
  in complex terrain
* Downed trees expected with widespread power outages possible
* Difficult to impossible travel for some areas due to road closures

The much advertised atmospheric river is taking aim on
the central California coast this morning with deep moisture
advection spreading inland at this hour. Rainfall so far this
morning has been light, generally a few hundredths of an inch per
hour or so. However, rain will increase in coverage and intensity
through the remainder of the morning as a strengthening surface low
approaches the northern and central California coast. As such,
southerly winds will strengthen to around at 25 to 40 mph with gusts
to 50 mph. Gusts of up to 70 mph are expected along the coast,
ridges, peaks and coastal gaps. Winds will be strongest between 4 AM
- 12 PM PDT and likely result in downed trees with the potential for
widespread power outages. With respect to the rain, the highest
rainfall amounts through the day will be in the coastal ranges and
inland hills with 2-3" totals from the Santa Cruz Mountains
northward and 3-6" in the Santa Lucia ranges with isolated amounts
up to 8" in the favored peaks.

8 thoughts on “Storm Reports, 3/14/23

  1. Oh Kate, I’m so sorry to hear about the Twitter nightmare. Good luck resolving that…and thanks as always for being an AMAZING source of information on the Big Sur region for those of us who live at some distance.

  2. Kate, you’re the closest thing many of us have to true local news. Have you thought about putting up a collection to defray the costs of twitter Blue? The only reason I ask, is you have to pay for twitter blue for SMS/Email 2 factor authentication which would help keep things secure.

    Thanks for all you do!

  3. Kate, if ever you deserved to crawl back in bed and cover up your head, it’s a day like this! Hoping all goes much better than predicted! Thinking of all you do, with such appreciation.

  4. Kate-you are amazing and being that it is all on a volunteer choice I would crawl back to bed if I was you at least for a few hours then get back up and deal with getting Twitter resolved. Hope it is an easy fix and please continue to take care of yourself. You do deserve a break. Hugs from the Valley.

  5. We really appreciate all that you do. Especially for Cambrian’s who work up Hwy 1 in the Big Sur area.

  6. Love this information Kate, still have family up in Cambria & Cayucos and passed it on! 🌧️🙏🏻💯❤️👍🏻

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