Big Sur — South Coast Version: Slip, Sliding Away

North to South starting with about MM 29, which is north of Big Creek Bridge and South of Rat Creek.

Photos by Jon Knigiht

Next we go to MM 22.5, or about 300 yards north of the Hermitage Driveway

This was sent to me today. It is much worse than it was on Sunday, when the one below was taken.

Photo by Ashleigh Seefeldt

Next, about 1/2 mile down the road is Paul’s Slide at MM 22

Next, I bring you Mill Creek Slide at approximately MM 18.4

And finally (only because not one has sent any past this point in the last few days), just south of the Caltrans north gate, or approx MM 10.3

Photo by Ethan Tamborini taken today 3/15

Photo by Michael Handy

These few photos cover 19 miles of road and 5 of the larger slides and or slip outs from the last 4 days. Four of the Five span only 12 miles of coast. Apparently we have another storm coming next week, too. At the time of this writing, weather forecasters are not willing to say if this will be Atmospheric River #12 or just a garden variety storm. (All photos not otherwise attributed are by Caltrans)

7 thoughts on “Big Sur — South Coast Version: Slip, Sliding Away

  1. Kate, the classic saying about one picture… All these photos in one spot truly illustrate the magnitude of serious issues facing Caltrans and all of you living there, then by extension those of us to who come for refreshment of spirit in the sacred land. Thank you for all who contributed to your collage and most especially to you, the consummate communicator par excellence! it must give you a deep satisfaction knowing how vital your work is to so many!

  2. Oh, Kate. I wanted to think we had made it through all this, but these photos show that as the next days unfold the magnitude of damage will become clearer and clearer. Thank-you for sharing these photos and be a reality check.

  3. Just…WOW! There is good reason for you to have just wanted to crawl in bed and pull the covers over your head yesterday! Thank you for all you do. And hope you got your hacked Twitter account fixed-up.

  4. After a landslide, one or more can be expected. Caltrans risk their lives to make this road passable. Please be kind and show your appreciation.

  5. Last year on April 1st, the Monterey County Weekly published a story that CALTRANS was abandoning Hwy 1 as being unsustainable, too expensive to repair every year. It was pretty convincing for the first half, then got a bit crazy.
    BUT looking at the pictures from the South Coast on Big Sur Kate’s website, it may come true.

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