How many islands is Big Sur?

I tried to count them, and we are now at least 4 or 5 islands, and another is being created tonight.

At end of shift tonight, Caltrans Willow Springs Station will be setting up K-rails to block highway 1 at the road collapse at their north gate. I have published several photos of that, but here are two from this am.

4 thoughts on “How many islands is Big Sur?

  1. Unbelievable but for these photos! It seems like a huge, complex task over much time to get the road back and reconnect Big Sur to the mainland. So, what happens now to everyone who calls Big Sur home? That is a follow-up question to Kate’s. Now: there are 2 questions: How many islands is Big Sur and Now What?

  2. the Big Sur archipelago, haha ! variation on Solzhenitsyns Gulag, eh ? sentenced or trapped ? trapped in paradise ! cocktails with little umbrellas for all involved !

  3. I used to live in a trailer on the parcel on the ocean side of Hwy 1 directly across from Willow Springs Cal Trans north gate. March 10, 1995 storm caused a large slide that took out 1/2 of the yard between our trailer and the sea. The noise woke us around midnight, shook the trailer. We didn’t know what had happened until morning. Looks like that entire parcel is now in the sea.

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