Film Activity on Friday, 3/24/23

This one was really hard for me to post as I am down here on the South Coast dealing with road washout issues and slides, and I just had such a gut reaction when I received this, I didn’t want to post it, but then realized that people like Martha Diehl who uses the Old Coast Road at Bixby Bridge all the time, and Dana Carnazzo, who lives there, would like to know about this, so I am posting it.

Notification of Upcoming Film Activity – Big Sur Area 

Date: Saturday 3/18/23

To: Big Sur Residents and Businesses 

From: Mr. Location Scout / Dark Spark Media

Re: Film Production Activity on Highway 1 in the Big Sur Area on 3/24/23.

In an effort to better communicate with Big Sur residents regarding upcoming filming activities, this is to notify you of an upcoming State permitted Photo/Video shoot scheduled for 3/24/23. from 9:00am to 7:30pm. Our work will require Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC) in a few selective sections of Highway 1 throughout the day starting near Brewer’s Bridge (Mile Marker 49.40) in the beginning of the day leading up Rocky Creek Bridge (Mile Marker 60.05) by the end of the day. As per our permit, turnouts along our route, will be used for the parking of production vehicles. 

We will be hiring California Highway Patrol officers to facilitate the ITC – ensuring public safety and access with only brief traffic holds of 3 to 5 minutes. This is a fairly small photo/videoshoot so most of our trucks and equipment will be stationed nearto our shoot at all times. 

We have taken all steps to ensure that the required permits have been obtained from Caltrans and the State of California and our production team will be complying with restrictions necessary for a safe and efficient shoot. Dark Spark Media, the production company organizing this shoot, would like to show its appreciation to the community with a donation to the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. I hope this advance notice is helpful for you to plan your day. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Location Manager or Producer, or to our local Film Commissioner listed below. 


Jeff Clark, Location Manager 

Mr. Location Scout

Phone: (831) 521-3710


Collin Porteus, Producer
Dark Spark Media

Phone: 248-884-4171 

Karen Nordstrand, Film Commissioner
Monterey County Film Commission

Phone: (831) 646-0910

10 thoughts on “Film Activity on Friday, 3/24/23

  1. Rain or shine? I know it says “State permitted” but do you know who exactly approves these? And why can’t they be stopped?

  2. I can see why Kate’s gut reaction was to not share this: the information is very hard to take. This seems emblematic of the times we live in when money and power trump safety and civil etiquette. Granting this permit now is wrong breaching on cruel.

  3. When the powers that be approve these things, are they even aware that the weekends, starting Thursday, are when the visitor traffic descends? I’m not even going to comment on how insensitive and illogical is having a potential traffic tie up to make things even more inconvenient for the beleaguered community . But this was probably approved some time ago.

  4. I understand your gut reaction. Mine bordered on something more than, Get a Grip! Given the condition of the road due to storm damage, it is not only insensitive to the Big Sur community, but borders on unsafe. If I ruled the world, which I don’t, I’d roll back the clock to my youth when we natives had the road to ourselves and we visited the Fassett family to run around in bare feet. I’m 81 and a Carmel native.

  5. Btw, I just wrote to Collin and another contact at Dark Spark Media and have invited them to rethink their decision in light of the ongoing issues for residents of the area. Fingers crossed. (Just by the by, before I lived down in Palo Colorado, I lived in Germany for 9 years and worked in advertising for Opel/GM. We shot a car commercial in Big Sur and the Fish Ranch back in 1979 under much better circumstances. But we had to change from our original location at the last minute for similar reasons so it can be done.)

  6. Unbelievable how out of touch right hand and left hand are.
    Do the people who plan and approve these Hwy 1 shoots live on the same planet?

  7. all means communicate now to Dark Spark..& why in the F do all these insensitive jerks hide behind darkness. Another sign of this dumbed down country of twit-heads in darkness..& what’s the commercial featuring? Probably a dark truck, driven way to fast by some nit wit holding a camera out the window..please world go away ! Why don’t we sue to halt all advertising of the more permits ! BS business bureau do you hear me!

  8. And ”The no-self-awareness-whatsoever- awards” goes to…Mr. Location Scout and Dark Spark Media.

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