Who forgot to order Spring with the Weather Package?*

*credit to my Watch Duty friend and colleague Sekhar Padmanabhan for this question.

Today is the first day of Spring. Generally, I have done something specific regarding my favorite day of the year, but this year, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature.

Nonetheless, I want to remind myself that Spring will come…the sun will shine…the days will get longer. Here are some native flowers to remind us of what we have to look forward to.

6 thoughts on “Who forgot to order Spring with the Weather Package?*

  1. Thanks for the great reminder and pics of my favorite wildflowers. This too shall pass.

  2. Beautiful reminders that Nature keeps to no agenda..its roots and leaf veins serve as its internet, and the more rugged the winds the hardier the next generations structure will form. What can we expect from MN (momma nature) in 20 years ? Will coastal travel be by jet propelled back packs, burro trails, hot air balloon rail trails, zip lines with gondola trams like world class ski resorts have..80 to a tram car. Will coastal hotels & cafe’s be imaginary places destinations visited via virtual reality lenses..your Esalen massage could be duplicated in VR and an LSD formula.You might fall in love with your D’jun waitress, plan to meet, and it turns out she lives in Wichita, you in El Salvador. No more crowds at Bixby..only a zip line intersection strung safely into the back country of Old Coast Road.

  3. This is beautiful, Kate. The sun will rise. This is already a most generous, promising wildflower spring. A zipline road through Big Sur (by passport only). An interesting image. Happy spring, friends.

  4. Lovely pictures to give us anticipation of Spring – but there are wildflowers out there! Padres Shooting Stars at Garland, False Solomon Seal in Palo Colorado Canyon, Cal yellow violets, Calla Lilies, Sanicle, Alpine False Springparsley [Thanks Seek App] in PG, poppies, … I did post some pics in my Instagram.

  5. Lovely collection of photo blossoms. Seeing some nice blooms on trails in the open space, dunes and state parks. It’s early early spring of a long long rain season with many many blooms to come. Good thoughts, Kate.

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