13 miles of (Big Sur) Highway One in photos

These are just a few of the bad spots on 13 miles of road. There were others I that did not lend themselves to a fast grab of a shot out the windshield. There are also five spots of slides or slip outs north of those 13 miles as well. And we have yet another storm. This road is not safe, and after yesterday (when these were taken) it will be completely closed for at least two months. And still I get emails and DMs from people trying to find out how they can get here. They think there must be some secret way they can sneak in. Trust me, there is not.

3 thoughts on “13 miles of (Big Sur) Highway One in photos

  1. Thank you for the photo documentation. The black and white photos are a nice additive. SR 1 is in serious trouble for several months. And you are so correct on folks trying to find other routes to it. Caltrans needs to seriously consider the options and possibly moving SR 1 to other locations. Slides and slope failure will continue to occur.

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