24 thoughts on “Ten miles of (Big Sur) Highway One

  1. Thanks to Hailey and thanks to you for posting. I bet Caltrans is scratching their heads and wondering where to start! Incredible amounts of damage this wild year.

  2. Thank you so much…we actually had a trip with the kids planned this weekend and had to cancel. 😥

  3. The roads definitely are unsafe at those points , however , is there access to some points if the coast and state parks from the north or south?

  4. Not from the South. The State Park in Big Sur Valley has some parts open, but not all. North is open to Deetjen’s as of 3/31, but each new storm leaves its mark, and all is subject to close down without notice.

  5. We have a trip to Big Sur planned on May 22-25th. Wonder if we should go somewhere else or do you think it will be cleaned up and repaired by then

  6. I also have a trip planned to big sur May 22nd-May 25th. I know Forest Order 05-07-00-23-05 is effective March 10, 2023 – May 9, 2023. Does anyone think they’ll actually stick with this timeline or will they likely extend this closure?

  7. It will be extended almost for certain. The USFS has not been able to do much of the repair work they have planned due to continued weather-related issues. Until we have continued good weather for a while so everything can dry out, they won’t be able to start the necessary repair work. Also, be aware Highway 1 will be closed for at least another 2 months to the south, and 6 months to the north. Where are you coming from and where are you planning to go?

  8. Yikes. Am I crazy to be planning a trip to the northern half of Big Sur in mid-July, given damage that’s already been done?

  9. Any possibility of walking it? I’m trying to walk from SLO to Monterey. Or am I stuck with the busses?

  10. Looking to go from Seattle to San Diego last week of August first week of sept.

  11. Hi, we have a trip planned and will be driving from San Francisco to LA from August 20-24th. Do you think we will be able to mostly travel on Hwy 1 given current repair estimates? 1 night we are supposed to stay at Big Sur SP, 2 nights at Kirk Creek, 1 night at Thornhill Broome. Thank you for your time.

  12. @Celia- I was supposed to have a workshop at Esalen and they said if you tell the flag people at the barricade that you are going to Esalen, they will let you through. Unfortunately, the workshop teacher cancelled, and I couldn’t risk getting stuck in Big Sur with all the slides.

  13. Paul’s Slide is slated to take 6 months to fix, so no, can’t go all the way through. it will be like a cul-de-sac, and you will have to go back up to Carmel if you do head down 1

  14. Take the grayhound from SLO to Salinas, then catch a local bus from Salinas to Monterey. They won’t let you walk thru

  15. Right now you can get to the State Park, but then you will have to go back up to Carmel after and take the 68 over to the 101. Can’t get to Kirk Creek right now, and I don’t think you will be able to in August, either.

  16. Thank you for all of the helpful information. Very disappointing about Kirk Creek. If there are Hwy 1 closures in August, do you think I could access Kirk Creek from driving the Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd and come out right there at the campground?

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