Northern Closure moves South of Esalen to Lime Creek

Date:Wednesday, April 5, 2023
District:05 – Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties
Contact:Kevin Drabinski or Alexa Bertola
Phone:(805) 549-3138 or (805) 549-3237




MONTEREY / SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTIES – The northern closure limit of Highway 1 on the Big Sur coast was moved yesterday from Deetjen’s Inn in Monterey County at PM 42.2 to Lime Creek at PM 32.2. The northern closure is expected to continue to move south by tomorrow afternoon to the Big Creek Vista Point at PM 27. The southern closure limit remains at the Ragged Point Inn in San Luis Obispo County.

The movement of the northern closure became possible after crews cleared debris and stabilized slopes from slides just south of Torre Canyon Bridge at PM 39.5, just south of Esalen at PM 32.5, and farther south at PM 29.5. Crews may need to return at a later date to the slide area at PM 32.5 to perform additional slope stabilization efforts under one-way reversing traffic control. 

In total this week, southern movement of the northern closure will have reopened an additional 15 miles of Highway 1 on the Big Sur coast.

It should be noted that the Big Sur coast experience is still available for travelers.Many beautiful miles of highway stretch on the south coast with communities such as Morro Bay, Cambria, San Simeon, and the Ragged Point Inn itself, welcome and open for business.

The same is true for the traveler who can take in the spectacular sights and make large inroads from Monterey and Carmel deep into the heart of this scenic byway.

Caltrans and contracted crews, except during rain events, will work seven days a week to make all necessary repairs, reduce the closure limits, and eventually reopen the entire length of the Big Sur coast.

Road information and updates can also be found on Caltrans District 5 Social Media platforms: Twitter at: @CaltransD5, Facebook at: Caltrans Central Coast (District 5) and Instagram at: Caltrans_D5.

4 thoughts on “Northern Closure moves South of Esalen to Lime Creek

  1. Ugh. Just ugh..
    There is absolutely no reality in this post. I’m very, very sorry if I am wrong (I have known to be wrong in the past).

  2. Double Ugh!!!

    Now for them to allow access for locals/school kids/employees through Paul’s on a schedule as well as Gilbert’s Slide (which AT&T easily got through CalTrans yard today)!!

    Maybe the CT head honcho will get tired of repeating the “Liability” phrase and allow that to happen!!
    We can hope and keep asking!

  3. Why aren’t they moving the southern closure more north of Ragged Point Inn if there isn’t a slide blockage to well north of Gorda? There’s a lot of nice areas and trails just north of Ragged Point Inn like Salmon Creek Falls/Silver Peak Wilderness that they can easily make accessible if they just moved the closure further north closer to the actual slides.

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