I dress in Gray

During the wet dreary months.

Because it does not show the dog hair, as much.

And it matches the weather

And my mood.

When the weather changes

I bring out the colors.

Gray weather.

Windows that only reflect back gray

Gray is why I can’t move

To Oregon or Washington

Although California seems to have

Switched weather with them.

Gray is why I can’t move

Even around my own home.

Gray is why I have trouble getting much done.

When the sun comes out,

I celebrate and also go out

Welcoming the change in the light.

And bring out the colors

11 thoughts on “Gray

  1. Happy spring everyone: Seasonal wildflowers are riotously colorful dressed mostly in primary colors red, blue, and yellow; birds chirp raucously from first light as if stoned: We made it–to spring.

  2. Kate, I love this poem, your post, your photos! And am right there with you on Gray! For years in Big Sur, I’ve rejoiced when the colors come out to play. Was contemplating this gray morning when your poem arrived and brightened the day. Thanks to you! Maura

  3. I love grey!

    Also celebrating all the beautiful oranges, yellows and purples in the hills! Welcome Spring!

  4. Standing in the foggy morning after what I thought was supposed to be a sunny day (I was wrong), I just mentioned to my husband this a.m. that this is why I can’t live in Oregon or Washington! Not after we had the winter we did (I hope that’s past tense)!

    Maybe so many Big Surrians are feeling the same about now.

  5. Pretty much sums it up! Thank you for your inspiration!🎶🌺✨💖🌸🦋

  6. I’m completely with you in the grey. There is no need to forecast colors. We feel it when we feel it. All we can do is wait for the aspiration! I love your poem and will check in personally tomorrow. You are the absolute best!!!

  7. I like this post, love you Kate, happiness comes from inside us. Only you can make yourself happy. Sunshine is coming soon.

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