Happy Easter

From Easters Past. Now, Jo-anne is in Mendocino and Debbie is in San Diego. Debra is in Tulare and Morgan Hill and Suzette is in Morro Bay. But when they were here we had lovely Easters at Jo-anne’s place. I am making a simple Easter up here for Rock Knocker and me. We can’t get anywhere but King City, and neither of us really know people there. Happy Easter to all of you in whatever way you celebrate.

11 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter!
    Here’s to egg salad sandwiches and to that one infamous egg you can not find. 😆
    Mine was in the Bissel Carpet Cleaner…found months later when my neighbor wanted to borrow it… in the desert no less 😲

  2. A simple Easter is, I think, what Easter is all about. Wishing you a peaceful day, Kate–you and Rock Knocker, and your wild hills, wild-flowers, wild sea and wild mind.

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