Gilbert’s Slide Update

I think it is going to be longer than originally thought — Best to settle into the new routine. Unofficial estimated time to open: four months from the boots on the ground. These contractors are working 7 days a week, even on holidays. These were taken Easter Day, and note there were three excavators on site working.

Water is a powerful force, reshaping the earth as it wants.

5 thoughts on “Gilbert’s Slide Update

  1. There’s a nice road they created that goes around and through the CalTrans yard that workers and utility trucks use to bypass
    Gilbert’s Slide. It would be compassionate of them if they let those north of Gilberts and south of Paul’s to use that to get south to town. CalTrans was never gated until the “CalTans Five” debacle.

  2. New unofficial estimated time to open: one month from the boots on the ground.

  3. Thank you for update? Where is this Gilbert slide at? Do you have the mile marker?
    I don’t see it marked south of Paul’s slide on map. Thank you so much!

  4. New routine. Or a very old one. Hard to imagine that we have more then 5 years left to a thru highway. With the state looking at high-end taxpayers by the hundreds of thousands leaving and with a looming budget deficit. I cant imgine spending much more to accomadate a few hundred people. Best we start to adapt to that reality much sooner then later. The taxation trifecta (gas,car rental,occupancy) and the trifecta of exploration (tahoe,big sur, yosmite) that visit California pushes internationally has been a curse, not a blessing to actual community here. It’s done alot to undermine and destroy community, not foster or nurture it. Let’s not build a future dependent on state or county handouts and just accept that fact that highway should have never have been built in the first place. Reopen the coast ridge road to locals and residents, bulldoze the old roads that conn3cted the coast ridge to the ranches…those of you west of the highway, south of nepenthe can fly your choppers(or soon 4 person hoverdrones) in and out.

    And let’s get onnwith our lives…So much drama depending on a undepandbale highway, system.

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