8 thoughts on “Sunday Photos, 6/25/23

  1. Sorry your eyes have continued to pose problems, Kate. Your photos of Opuntia cactus and Agave flowering are apt: emblematic of life lived under the most challenging circumstances. I have an Opuntia that I planted after its severed paddle was run over by a truck. It was a mess–bowed, blackened, and crooked. Somehow after planting and propping, over time, the paddle straightened itself out and now holds all the other paddles growing from it as if its disability had never occurred. May you embody Opuntia and Agave root energy–may your eyes heal.

  2. So many of your photos one could easily say, ‘you have a great eye for composing a picture’ and that would be true. May your eyes then continue to be an asset and provide for inspiring Sunday Photos and so much more.

  3. Welcome home! Good to hear that is behind you and you can look ahead (kind of a pun?) to what’s just around the corner.

  4. Beautiful photos Kate. The cacti, the big one looks like a horse to me. So happy to hear that your eyes are healing and that you are feeling much better. That puts a smile in my heart. Hugs.

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