15 years of blogging and covering fires & floods in Big Sur

This was my very first blog post on July 5, 2008:

“I began this blog, after 2 weeks of inundating everyone’s mailbox with news, links, editorials, and photos of the massive Big Sur Fire of 2008. I decided a blog might be a better venue for us all to stay connected, share information, and remain informed. PLUS, I got totally frustrated when my email send function became so erratic. I can receive, but sending is completely hit and miss. I am hoping the email fairy visits me soon! 😉

I will also be posting some of my photographs, also, as and when I can.

Welcome! Once the fire is past, I will convert this to random musings, I suppose, or it will evolve into something else.”

And this is what I posted after I’d been blogging for 10 years:

“Ten years ago today, I got pissed off at the Sheriff of the time during the Basin Fire when he threatened to arrest anyone who came onto Highway One to go help their neighbors. So, I called the newspapers in LA and SF and started this blog. I had never blogged before. Ten years, and just shy of 4,000 posts. Thank you all for being a part of this journey and helping me grow by following and commenting and calling me out, when necessary. Today, I am going to celebrate by being silent, unless, of course, all hell breaks loose.”

Fifteen years…hard to believe. I think I will be silent today, too, unless, of course, all hell breaks loose. (6763 posts to date. Whew!)

28 thoughts on “15 years of blogging and covering fires & floods in Big Sur

  1. I have found your posts invaluable, esp during wildfires and re: road closures. Thank you for your commitment, Kate!

  2. 15 years of an amazing service to the wider community that loves Big Sur, both those who live in the area and people like me who are at significant distance…wow. Somehow the words “thank you” don’t seem close to sufficient. 🙂

  3. thank you so much for taking up this charge. I hope it is a labor of love and you wish to continue educating us. your blogs are a staple in my life. with great respect and love. enjoy your day.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! THANK YOU, for an amazing public service! You are a local hero and my first “go to” source for accurate information :0) We hope you enjoy your quiet day!

  5. Kate, fifteen years is both AMAZING and APPRECIATED by all!!! You deserve as many days of silence you desire! Thank you ❤️

  6. Kate, thank you for all your hard work in keeping this blog going for the past 15 years. You have been incredibly valuable, not only for the Big Sur community, but the surrounding communities like Carmel Highlands. Congratulations on your 15th anniversary and we look forward to hearing from you for many more years to come.

  7. What you are doing for the Big Sur Community is a labor of love. It is not often that a single individual can provide a service to so many in need of accurarte information in times of dire need (and there have been many) over the past 15 years. Don’t get too far away from that keyboard…your extended family is counting on you. You have earned the status of Local Legend!

  8. Thanks Kate for keeping us updated on beautiful Big Sur.

  9. Thank you, Kate. Your commitment to keeping us informed is indeed invaluable. As was said by someone else you are my “first stop” when I hear helicopters, sirens, etc. I appreciated the information you were posting yesterday on the Sand Fire In Arroyo Seco. Please rest up,.put your feet up, enjoy your garden and your puppies, and our beautiful clear air! ❤️

  10. Thank you, Kate, for your years of dedicated service to keeping the Big Sur community–and beyond– informed on fires, roads, floods & mudslides–along with some beautiful photos and neighborly updates! We appreciate you! Senator Bill Monning (ret)

  11. invaluable and thoughtful and accurate
    greatly appreciated
    good luck with
    all that comes

  12. Thank you Kate for many years of pertinent community reporting and accurate information in times of distress. We’ve experienced fires, floods, road closures, and also wonderful local stories and Sunday photos with you. You have enhanced our lives on the Central Coast in so many ways!?

  13. Being an “old timer” who lived in Big Sur (Lucia) during my childhood, I truly value your blog. It keeps me “in touch” with an area that will always be “home” to me. Thank you for all your hard work, it is much appreciated by many!

  14. I had no idea I had read 6763 blog posts! Thank you for keeping our much needed Big Sur view so clear for us in Indiana. We appreciate you and all that you do.

  15. You are more of a journalist than most professionals these days–those who have apparently forgotten the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” dictum. This is no small thing–the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. No doubt experience with the law professionally and the most important quality, “HEART,” and “SOUL” is the making of quiet heroism. Quality of character.

  16. Thank you from north coastal SLO county. Keeping us updated on Hwy 1 news, fires, road blocks and community events. The Tv news channel doesn’t give us much information. I love the history of the BIG SUR coast.

  17. We appreciate you, Kate, and know that what you do is far more work than most people would guess. Bless you for all the good you are doing for the Big Sur coast and beyond!

  18. Your hard work and efforts are much appreciated beyond the Big Sur community, Kate. Thank you.

  19. Thank you for the many years you have endured endless battles of sleepless nights and internet posts.💜

  20. I have followed your blog from its beginning, when, from the East Coast, I was searching for any news I could find (which wasn’t much) about the fire, as I had friends I had just visited in its path. I have spent many years wandering Big Sur whenever I have the opportunity, sometimes staying in the magical quiet of the Hermitage, and your blog has been an informative, sometimes fascinating, always beautifully written opening into this area that is like no other, and I value it tremendously. Thank you!

  21. Visiting Big Sur many times and following your blog has been a wonderful journey. Thank you for your hard work and sharing. Many more years for us all!

  22. Thank you! Your blog has been invaluable to the Big Sur and wider community.

  23. Congratulations on the longevity of your blog. I voted you for best blogger in the Monterey County Weekly. I’m sure you’ll snag that well deserved designation once again.

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