4 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 7/9/23

  1. It really is, isn’t it?? There is such beauty that is often overlooked.

  2. Nice idea! I just traded a large abstract painting for a rock and an elderly hot tub. Maybe Paul’s slide will be the subject of the next painting (perhaps a different title, not so scary? – suggestions welcome!)

  3. I hope a geologist will comment.

    It appears that a pile of unconsolidated material is being pushed over the downward side of the work. Has anyone reviewed the plans?

  4. W. they did have geologist come. Some of the best engineers from Germany.
    Their advice was to abandon the highway.
    With the state and federal budget being as they are, it’s justba matter of time at this point.
    The highway is a losing proposition. I give it less then 2 years, 5 tops.
    Even with the trifecta of taxation(gas,car rental,occupancy) and the trifecta of exploitation pushed by visit ca(tahoe,big sur, Yosemite)
    It’s not paying for itself,the trouble and cost of keeping it a thru road.
    We should really start to think about what it gonna look like with out the highway as a thru road.
    Plan accordingly.

    Backcountry Birdman

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