PG&E patrolling their lines yesterday (7/12) and today. (7/13)

On July 12 & 13, as part of a drill, PG&E will be conducting helicopter patrols of power lines in San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara Counties. You may notice low flying helicopters near the areas of Huasna, Hyw 166 east of Santa Maria, and west of Paso Robles near Lake Nacimiento.

One thought on “PG&E patrolling their lines yesterday (7/12) and today. (7/13)

  1. They can use thermal imaging scopes and cameras to locate high resistant connections which create heat and potential failures of conductors connections especially for high voltage (230kV 500kV) transmission systems. They also can do the same for lower voltage 12kV distribution systems. There’s some disimiliar metals involved with these connection systems which can contribute to galvanic corrosion which doesn’t help such connections. Just saying, It’s a positive/ proactive/preventive means of inspection which can possibly prevent live conductors from parting and failing and arcing on the ground sparking fires. Glad to see it. Bring it on. R.T.,retired BSME, PG&E field engineer and Quality P.E.1970-2004.

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