8 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide & Dani Creek photos

  1. Thanks Kate, for the ongoing photos of Paul’s Slide and Dani Creek. Spooky to have major movement at Paul’s. It’s been a trouble spot for many years. Of course, I couldn’t come down to Kirk this year, closed on both ends. I think it’s open from the south by now. Thanks so much for keeping all of us in the outer community informed as well as the local folks. Hope your summer is going well.

  2. Much appreciated, Kate!

    Any comments from engineering geologists or geologists?

    Why are they surprised that there’s movement?

  3. When there is a geological formation that is subject to movement, grading away buttressing material is not going to improve its state of stability. There is no way of predicting when or how much material will move, so such conditions are risky for workers and others. Waiting until the slope moves to try to get out might be a questionable strategy. Riverbanks and coastal mountains are not ideal places for carving out roads. “Try it and see what happens” might be useful in a controlled experiment, but not in the real world.

  4. i was wondering what the rain totals at Mining Ridge, Anderson Peak the winter and spring of 2022 to 2023, the 90’s had some serious totals on flooding, and slides along the Bi Sur Coast,

  5. Pretty much a given.
    Removing the toe material (debris flow) of most slides, contributs to destabilizing it and to further sliding.
    Try it & see the results. Learn by doing.

  6. This stretch always gave me the willies driving through – always happy to put it in the rearview.

  7. I’ve always love driving Hwy 1 and yes, even a bit scarier in some spots. It was too sad to see and read about all damage on the road. Watching the progress has made me consider I may have taken my last drive. I hope for future generations the engineers, geologists and road workers can find a lasting solution.

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